Very Fast The Dedicated Software Developer .

In dedicated IT staffing your project manager works directly with the Indian software developer. Very fast the dedicated software developer will become a part of your local team. By working closely with you he or she will learn about your products, your business and the way you work. Through hourly reporting via the online project management tool and daily and weekly (scrum) meetings you always know what the software developer contributes to your project and the collaboration will continually improve.

Advantages of Dedicated IT Staffing

  • Scalability of your in-house team
  • No need for additional office space
  • No additional administration or HR related costs
  • Experience in dealing with IT companies, IT agencies and IT departments
  • Great pool of software developers.

At Matrixminds Software , we’re not going to spend time selling you on the latest and greatest approach to IT Recruiting or our outstanding track record of delivering successful Technology Resources. We consider those things to be a given.

Instead, we like to focus on our dedicated team of elite recruiting and technology professionals, a customer-centric crew that’s among the best and most motivated in the business. We know that focusing on people as a differentiator is tricky. None of us is perfect – not by a long shot – but we stand by our team and organize ourselves around a core set of Values that our employees helped to define. We think that says a lot about our company - and about the caliber of people we have working here.

Matrixminds Software is a referral driven organization of our placements generated from our industry relationships. With a vast number of networked resumes in our proprietary database, Matrixminds Software is able to go beyond the typical job board search to find that perfect candidate for your specific requirements.

Before any candidate is submitted, our detail-oriented recruiters rigorously screen the potential consultant for technical knowledge, real-time experience, and interpersonal and communication skills. Along with this initial interview process, our recruiters work to obtain stellar references before a candidate even hits your email or system. Once a candidate passes this meticulous process, Matrixminds Software assists with any required background investigations, education verifications, and drug screenings, as well as assisting with any applicable licensing regulations.

IT staffing can be highly beneficial to your organization in different means, and we at Matrixminds Software help you achieve what you want. You can employ a team of dedicated developers, web programmers of whole web development team, project maintenance staff or project-based staff to work dedicatedly on your projects.

Project developers and programmers — By employing dedicated PHP developers and Asp.Net Developers, you will get immediate access to top-class software and hardware infrastructure. In addition these hired teams implement your instructions and timelines to make sure smooth working process. They effectually evaluate your present applications and offer you the exact kind of support as well as technical updates required to maintain the effectiveness of your applications or software.

Project based staff — In this, you are offered with the access to evaluate your project requirements, technologies and timelines, and plan best solutions. Our customers are provided a choice; either to handle project in-house and use our software development and testing staff or to appoint one of our senior project managers to manage the whole offshore team with your constant suggestions and constructive feedback.

Staffing That Fits Your Company and Your Culture

When choosing to outsource IT staffing it’s important that companies do it in a way that compliments their existing internal resources to increase their team’s performance. It’s vital that resources are not only capable, but also fit with the company’s culture, values, processes and methods. Expert and efficient, our quality staff is committed to providing the highest level of service to our employees and clients. We build deep and lasting relationships with our partners and employees.

Hiring the best!

At Matrixminds Software we recognize that finding and keeping the best talent requires our commitment to provide every employee the best possible environment. As a company we value integrity and hard work and look for that in the people we hire. We focus on our employees and their long-term career satisfaction. We have an Employee Assistance Program that is available for every employee and their family.

When we screen a potential candidate, we:

  • Conduct a personal interview
  • Thoroughly test their programming skills
  • Run a comprehensive background check
  • Categorize them according to their level of expertise.

Because we specialize in hiring IT experts who have proven their mettle in business intelligence, web application development, data analytics, and Microsoft solutions, we are able to hone in on the best talent and strategically match candidates up with the perfect client fit. Our clients consistently applaud us for filling open positions within weeks.

Matrixminds Software staffs contract and fulltime technology specialists who are able to work with customized databases in order to deliver the right information at the right time in the right format — so that executives can make better, more informed decisions. One of our strongest value-adds is our follow up to ensure client satisfaction. Customer service is an area of pride for Matrixminds Software .

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