Product Engineering

Matrixminds Software Provides Full Scale Product Engineering Services

Software product companies today are selling to a more informed customer who has many options to choose from. New features, scalability, flexibility, robustness, and total-cost-of-ownership are becoming critical factors that influence customers more than ever before. Matrixminds Software provides full scale product engineering services across the software product development life cycle ranging from consulting and application development to technology re-engineering and product support enabling companies to be competitive in the market. Matrixminds Software has partnered with software product companies globally to develop and test over numerous products.

Matrixminds Software technology building blocks, in the form of solution accelerators and reusable components help bridge technology gaps and bring products to market faster. Our expertise in various technologies like Microsoft, Java, mobile and open source helps us deliver robust and commercially successful products to the market.

Offshore Product Development Solutions

The software product market is a fast changing one with new products becoming outdated in no time as new features and enhancements keep adding value to existing functionalities. Keeping pace with a demanding market and bringing in constant updates and enhancements to your products is an ongoing task, best handled by a team with expertise in technology product development across multiple platforms and industry verticals.

Matrixminds Software offers comprehensive offshore software product development solutions for

  • Product enhancement (existing software product lines)
  • New product development.

Our customers range from startups to mid-size software product companies and large Matrixminds Software in the engineering and manufacturing space. These companies gain from our competitively priced services and our expertise in the field. Additionally our time-bound software product development services adhere to proposed release dates and budgets which are so critical to the success of new product releases.

Matrixminds Software product development engagement model with customers at every step of the product engineering process will help to convert any complex product vision into tangible designs that are scalable and successful. We combine functional, technology, engineering and process excellence that results in long standing customer relationships.

Our knowledge in software product development life cycle will help customers bring their products early to the market with our R&D and robust development capabilities. “Our mission is to ensure business excellence across all stages of the software product development lifecycle”. We remit custom product development solutions across industry domains, influence web application, mobile application and cloud technologies

We bring experience in:

  • Design and development of virtualized systems
  • Design and development of I/O sub-systems
  • Enterprise to SaaS migration
  • Cloud networking, storage, provisioning
  • Monitoring, sizing cloud infrastructure.

Some of our experience highlights include:

  • Solution for on-demand cloud storage to traditional desktop applications—involving storage provisioning,resource usage tracking and billing.
  • Cloud based supply chain management software for hotel and restaurant industry.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office plug-ins for a cloud based storage company.
  • Control console to manage authentication, administration, product licensing, inventory and usage data reporting for a desktop visualizer.

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