The pharmaceutical market is continues to steadily rise. We understand these continuous changes and the regulations associated with the pharmaceutical industry, and have devised a system that will help you gain insight into your daily pharmaceutical operations without sacrificing a solid financial reporting foundation.

Industry-standard functionality

Pharmaceutical Software can handle all of the special manufacturing, distribution, and accounting needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Automatically prepare State control documents, such as the Pedigree Report required by some states that shows the full history of the item, by Lot number.
  • Attach Certificates of Analysis (COA) to inventory Item Master Records. Full production traceability by batch, item, and lot number.
  • Track authorizations and shipments by country for product sale and distribution.
  • Picking slips are bar-coded and electronically sent to the warehouse.
  • Items selected by lot number with oldest expiration dates.

Increase your pharmacy's productivity.

Automate and manage your pharmacy operations with Matrixminds Software time-saving functionality:

  • Access the Medi-Span Master Drug Data Base (MDDB) anytime.
  • Define, access and update different formularies by facility.
  • Look up drugs by NDC, generic/trade names and other options.
  • View drug images at drug entry, packaging and final review.
  • Add drug products to the formulary, or update inventory using a barcode scanner.
  • Define and dispense compounds and Matrixminds Software.
  • Interface with dispensing and packaging systems.
  • Generate management, inventory value and low stock reports.
  • Automate insurance plan and electronic claims setup.
  • Automatically create and send purchase orders to suppliers electronically.

Data integrity issues affect pharmaceutical companies everywhere. The majority of cases are caused by inefficient and fragmented business processes rather than deliberate fraud, most are captured by internal inspection and audit processes within the business and, therefore, remain buried and never come to light. However, to protect themselves from exposure to the risk of non-compliance with data integrity norms and laws such as the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA), Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) and EU GMP, organisations must implement a risk based quality management system that drives constant improvement in product and process reliability. Helping them.

  • Modernise operational processes
  • Improve the overall performance of your organisation
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Prevent failures and damage
  • Protect your corporate, professional and personal reputation.

In Matrixminds Software Pharmacy Software, Stock maintenance is quite easier; you can maintain stock via – general way, Supplier wise, Company wise, Product wise, Batch wise etc.. Evaluation of stock becomes easier you can set alert over the stocks which are costly or less costly; expiry dates wise, negative stock. Even in Matrixminds Software Pharmacy Software, you can set boundations over Sale or purchase of restricted items.

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