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Matrixminds Software Logistics is a full service supply chain solutions company that serves hundreds of customers around the world across a wide variety of industries. Matrixminds Software focuses on providing comprehensive, innovative and cost effective solutions that are flexibly built around our customers needs.

Inbound Logistics' educational mission is to illustrate the benefits of demand driven logistics practices, give companies the knowledge to help them match the inbound flow of materials to their demand, and align their business process to support that shift. Inbound Logistics offers real-world examples and decision support to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and offset rising transport costs, supporting business scalability across their value chain. More information about demand-driven logistics practices is available.

Since e-commerce business has been rapidly growing and expected to grow even more, it also became a major factor on changing the shape of global logistics industry. Decisions such as physical locations of warehousing and whether to fulfill e-commerce orders from separate facilities, in-store, from existing warehouses or a combination of all three are among the strategic decisions brick and mortar companies are facing as they compete against.

Logistics is already widely regarded as a crucial piece of a successful retailer’s business plan and its role will be even greater as the e-commerce increase continues to unfold. This is due to the fact that an efficient supply chain will allow a high level of service to be provided across all channels. The acquisition of the right DC that is in close proximity to major populations is also an increasingly difficult task for retailers because of the limited number of supply and the increase of demand. This is why numerous retailers opt to partner with 3PL firms that can supply the necessary DC and fulfillment services required. It will be seen as a competitive advantage as consumers begin to value time over reliability.

Managing the delivery process is also an increasingly difficult task as delivery locations from warehousing/fulfillment centers are no longer confined to physical stores. Now, these facilities are shipping either directly to the customer, a neutral site to the physical store for pickup.

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executive's user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage.

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