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Matrixminds Software IoT solutions and services company can create an end-to-end IoT solution for any customer who has clear Business/Operational goals and clearly defined use-cases. Matrixminds Software is one of the top Internet of Things (IoT) service providers with highly talented skills and resources to build, deploy and run IoT solutions. Just tell us what you want to measure, what you are trying to accomplish with the measured data, and we can suggest a specific IoT Architecture that meets your needs.

With Internet of Things Solutions & Services, we are helping businesses to grow successfully with our custom IoT services like integration with IoT apps and devices, IoT mobile app development, best End to End System Integration for Map and billing engine integration, SMS and email gateway integration, CRM and other web content, ERP system integration, departments and stages in the IoT product lifecycle.

We are proficient in providing custom IoT solutions that can connect your Smartphone app with various gadgets, devices, enterprise data, sensors and clouds using the best communication modes; Bluetooth, wi-fi, ZigBee, NFC, iBeacon and etc. Our team has an expertise in IoT Application Development, cloud integration service where information is extracted from the application and sent to the cloud efficiently.

System Architecting Activities Carried out at Matrixminds Software :

  • Detailed requirements gathering including use cases, mechanical, etectrical, elecronics, embedded software and application software.
  • Identification and selection of Microcontroller, RAM, flash and other peripheral interfaces for the device.
  • Identify the Sensors with appropriate interfaces to integrate various data collection points.
  • Selection of Embedded OS/ Embedded Linux/ bare metal based firmware development.
  • Wireless interface/ Network Topology selection for transferring data from the device to Access Point/ Gateway.
  • Overall System architecture document with device hardware and software, Netwrok topology, Cloud Application and Mobile Application to handle all solution use cases.
  • Overall Testing strategy with continuous integration framework.

Why do we have IoT platforms?

The aim of an IoT platform is to reduce the time and cost of getting new IoT solutions built and implemented. There are several layers to an IoT solution and these are becoming increasingly complex as the market develops. The IoT platform takes advantage of the fact that the majority of what is needed in IoT solutions is the same and does not need to be redeveloped for every application. At least 80% of IoT solutions are made from common parts, so can be predesigned and made available through an IoT platform. The platform then also provides the means for customising and configuring the solution for a specific application need.

Why Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Solutions needed for you?

  • Connectivity – Connect the two worlds offline and online. Correspondingly, through this, they can connect together and can make wonders for your business.
  • Data – There are so many connections between numerous devices. So, IoT based solutions is all about collecting and securing the data with best available cloud technology.
  • Integrating Systems – IoT solutions is not there to replace your existing system or technology but it is there to upgrade and transform the existing system with new standards.
  • Security – Where there is data involved, security plays a key role and so does in IoT. Correspondingly, data has to remain secure during transit. Also, while being stored or when used by the applications.
  • Remote monitoring – With IoT coupled with any place, you can also keep a track on all the systems with a remote access. Moreover, all the data is on the cloud which gives you complete freedom of accessibility.
  • Projection and analysis – Not to mention that the real purpose of IoT application is to tone down the cost of analysis and projections with real-time. Moreover, it also assures the accurate data for better usage and wider growth.

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